Plastic manufacturing

REA is dedicated to plastics manufacturing, combining advanced technology with extensive expertise to deliver precise and reliable solutions to our customers. Our focus is to fulfill even the most complex plastic manufacturing needs with high quality and efficiency.

We manufacture everything in plastic

At REA, our area of expertise is plastic processing. We process a wide range of plastic materials, including POM-C, POM-H, PTFE, PEEK, PVC, and more, to exacting standards of quality and consistency, as certified by ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to precision and on-time delivery is at the heart of our collaboration with customers, adapting to their specifications and requirements. Our state-of-the-art CNC machines, situated across 20,000 m² of production space, enable us to handle a wide range of plastic machining tasks.

Materials we manufacture

Turning in plastic

Plastic turning is a manufacturing process in which a cylindrical plastic workpiece is rotated on its axis while a cutting tool shapes the part, removing excess material to the desired shape, dimension and surface finish. This manufacturing method is used to produce a wide range of plastic components with exact geometry and high precision, including bolts, washers, bearings, and other cylindrical or conical parts. Plastic turning is typically performed on a lathe, enabling efficient and precise production of plastic parts for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

Milling in plastics

Plastic milling is a manufacturing process where a cutting tool rotates and moves along different axes relative to a fixed plastic workpiece. This process is employed to remove surplus material and to create the desired shape, profile, and surface of the plastic. This manufacturing method is employed to produce a wide range of plastic components with exact geometry and high precision, uncluding bolts, washers, bearings and other cylindrical or conical parts. Plastic manufacturing is typically performed on a milling machine and enables precise manufacturing of plastic materials for industrial, construction and commercial purposes.

Svend Erik Knudsen

Technical Sales

Morten Rasmussen

Sales & Order Coordination

Frequently asked questions

We are most competitive for orders over 100 components. The larger the order, the more benefits you get as the machine can run continuously and the set-up price is the same regardless of quantity.

We can produce components from 100 pieces upwards. If you need less than 100 pieces, we can still start production as long as we have an agreement in place.

Yes, we will draw up a contract where your items will be delivered as requested within 12 months. We call it our warehouse.

We can machine in various metal alloys such as aluminum and brass. We also process steel, stainless steel and plastics such as POM, PEET, PEEK and PET. If you have any questions about the materials we produce and process, you are welcome to contact us on +45 64822006 or send an email to

Delivery time depends on the order size of course, but our capacity of +140 CNC machines and in-house tool making significantly speeds up the process. We have previously delivered within 24 hours from receipt of inquiry to shipment.

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